WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


This is an exotic flavor mix for all lovers of tropical flavors. The Apple, Mango, and Pear are all you have ever wanted from a tropical vape flavor profile and more. The mix of tropical fruit flavors recreates the exuberance of the lush tropics: beautiful sunsets, beaches, and euphoric satisfaction. From the first draw to the last, the refreshing experience stays constant and satisfying. You’d love every moment with this vape.

What’s Included

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery


4.7 20 Reviews
  • pukala603

    I like how the flair plus does not leave a nicotine aftertaste. That has been my most unpleasant concern with other brands I have tried. The smoke is too smooth to be true and the flavor stays on like you've just had real fruit. Since mango is my best fruit, I choose the apple, mango, pear flavor every time.

  • Bryce Clark

    Most vape brands tend to focus more on the outward look of their product, sacrificing quality for aesthetics, but the flair vape is different. The are distinctly different because they combine outward beauty and premium functionality. I have never been this pleased with a vape product.

  • jaime Miller

    My first disposable vape experience was shitty. I had expected too much, most of my pals said but I didn’t think that way. I knew what a vape should be but at the time, I had not found it until I found flair plus. Now I have got all of my smoking pals to use flair plus. My personal favorite is the mango flavor but I also find the smooth tobacco too real to pass up.

  • Christina Fetterhoff

    😘😘🙃👍🤩🤩 Very satisfying

  • Adam Garcia

    The flair plus vape has me smitten. The fruity flavor tastes real. Most others I have used have had a very dull, unreal taste so, it was a pleasant surprise when this one wasn’t like that. I really like this vape and it’s also my wife’s favorite.

  • James Klein

    Fantasic Flavor

  • nicole Sauter

    You guys are doing very good work. I try to let my friends in on how great your devices are so they can experience the same wonderful feeling I get from using the flair plus. This flavor is the nicest for me. Cheers.

  • Tim

    I find this vape flavor exciting. It has a calming effect on me that I can’t just explain, and the flavor tastes real, it’s not dull and chemical-like as most other brands I have tried.

  • Concepcion

    best device to buy 🥰

  • Alex Johnson

    Given by friends, now using regular

  • lori.829.leunes

    Very Tasty 🤪

  • Chris Rose

    It's great

  • Griffiths

    Not many vape makers make vapes that are this good. For real, I have continued to enjoy the same quality till the last puff. Now that’s some gangster shit.

  • Arif Thorpe

    amazing little buddy

  • jessica.205.stopper

    Great choice for vaping and flavor

  • Mason Okonski

    How do you guys mix multiple flavors and they come out really nice? I need to know so I can apply same to my baking.

  • Stephen Schmidt

    Light and powerful

  • Jeffrey Davison

    It is easiest vape pen.

  • Michael Corke

    Sweet as FU😘K

  • austin

    Flair vapes makes the best vapes. You should take my word for it, I have used vapes for over 5 years now and this is the best vape advice you would ever get. Don’t worry about the charge, it’s my pleasure.