WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


The flair plus Banana ice is just a perfect route to a sweet and refreshing journey on a hot summer day with icy cool menthol and a rich & ripe banana. It is an exquisite blend of two completely different flavor-pallets making it an amazing experience for adult vape-lovers.

What’s Included

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery



4.6 21 Reviews
  • alva_pizzo243

    Whenever I'm in need of a Sweet relief, my banana ice stick is always by my side. Drag is supreme and bums neatly too. By far the best juice in the product line.

  • Kitty Schoonover

    Been ordering since last year, now I have 14 packs between my boyfriend and I. Feels basic overall but as a minimalist, less is more.

  • Robert

    best vape yet

  • Richard Johnston

    Highly effective disposable devices. Refreshing aftertaste. Unlike those that give me dry hits. No unnecessary logos and grooves. Simple, easy-hold product.

  • nichole Kaffman

    Banana Ice Juice vapes arrived on time. Tried it the moment I got my hands on it. Great fabrication. Booster shots for when procrastination is the mood.

  • jenni Wright

    Super juicy

  • Nadia Portaleos

    Really up 🙃

  • Jose Iadanza

    Refocuses my brain in between rushes at work. The right choice for esmokers. Go for it.

  • Kaitlyn Francesco

    Got mine in the mail in about 5days. All I can say is Flair Plus Banana Ice sends a clean blast of flavor down my channels. I'm purring over the vape pen.

  • JonMichael Sadowski

    Good update flair team

  • Eric Isnetto

    exlcusive choice, no doubt

  • Cipriano Perez

    You need to see this cold banana bud, man. Absolute winner. You'd love it. Looking to give it to my smoke chugging nephew for his 21st birthday.

  • adam_garcia917

    The device looks clean through and through. Very portable, however, I am concerned about the average battery lifespan. The manufacturers could do more work or maybe, I'm just a heavy puller.

  • Cesar Gilbert

    Never disappointed me

  • Lexi fiscor

    great little thing😮😋

  • Justin Much

    Using for while, but love it

  • richie

    Very satisfying

  • Kevin DiNapoli

    solid perfomance😋😋🙂👌👌

  • Kristina Geist

    please keep in stock. really love them

  • Courtney Sosa

    Feel like a queen

  • john Busler

    Quick and simple store