WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


We were bound to include this amazing all-time favorite flavor cool mint to our newest addition. You will get a hit of sweet and icy spearmint with each puff you take.
This makes flair plus cool mint the refreshing flavor your everyday vaping device!!

What’s Included

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery


4.7 70 Reviews
  • Eamon Bohnsack

    I really like this because it's just like a cigarette with extra flavors.

  • wendy Joans

    I was really afraid to try such product, but now i feel comfortable in it. This is great invention.

  • Gary Ramirez

    Sure one of the best disposables and best flavor on the market

  • Michael crane

    Reliable and pure joy. No need to worry about power, liquid and setting. You don’t have to be expert in using this product. It is simple and no big cloud.

  • karen_alderman985

    Love this product.

  • william Perry

    Simple and clean vaping. 

  • Benjamin Riccio

    There are all the machinery hidden inside. No need to worry, just draw and enjoy. Very easy to use, highly simple product.

  • Madison Troyano

    Nice blend🤩👍

  • luis_greer333

    Hope it comes in higher nicotine. But still good.

  • Andrew Vargas

    This highly concentrated nicotine that provides better and quick absorption.

  • Dagny Duane

    Every purchase comes with reward points. That will good thing. Thanks for your care to regular customers like me.

  • Cian Ozbas

    👍👍🙂🙂 I have emptied my pockets until I found this product.

  • Anna Dahl

    Sweetmango is my preference, but Mint is also good.

  • Arthur

    Never disappointed with flair

  • Heidenthal

    There is no electronics in it. Really good product. Nothing burns at all.

  • Riley Weaver

    Good cloud, I can instantly switch flavour with different devices. Only thing is you can’t see how much puff are remaining.

  • max_white476

    Just received this and so far so good. Very impressed with the small size, color and design.

  • Liv Nilsen

    Powerful mint punch in mouth. Keeps this taste on tongue for hours and hours.

  • Brooks

    Something new to try. Really worked

  • Heidenrhal

    Reasonable price for no mess. Just use and forget.

  • Keith Mazik

    Value of money. All inside single package. Battery, coil, pod, liquid.

  • Alyce Reuthe

    Each device worked like 50-70 cigs. It saves lots. No more mess.

  • Dylan Little

    Cool mint pen is my favourite.

  • caitlin Huber

    I love fruity flavours in vaping. My favourite are banana, strawberry, grape and pineapple. I wonder that how a small device can provide around 800 puffs? Super technology.

  • Thomas Citta

    combination of a minty inhale with an cool exhale

  • jesse.173.halkis

    Simple functionality, attractive price.

  • Jacek Conti

    Easy to use, light and portable.

  • samiel_davis658

    😘👌😘 This is convenient and pocket friendly 

  • KATHRYN Simmonds

    Just put it on your mouth and inhale. It will deliver good amount of vape and pure satisfaction. The particular Mint flavor is good.

  • Dylan Boczar

    Refreshing smell. Good handy product.