WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


The Flair Plus Ice Bluerazz Lemonade flavor is a sweet, juicy fruit flavor tainted with the tangy sourness of the lemonade and icy menthol. The flavor mix is a conflicting match, but a great one nonetheless. Enjoy a burst of sweet, tingly blueberry cast in the wellness of the lemonade. Together, the mixed fruit flavor offers tart and zingy raspberry notes that are perfectly complemented with a sweet undertone and an icy aftertaste. The flavor stays with you for far longer than most.

What’s Included

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery


4.5 23 Reviews
  • ava Monzo

    The best flavor in the flair plus range. While I like that you get a lot of options with the flair plus, I feel it can be sometimes overwhelming. Making it a tad difficult for one to find the right choice for them. The blue razz flavor is nice, you could try it if you are lost on what flavor to choose.

  • rosario.318.dzemaili

    What do you say of a smoke that taste like lemonade? I would say splendid! With the flair plus range you are spoilt for choice. The sheer amount of variety is an appealing option for an avid smoker. The blue razz lemonade is a nice change for a start.

  • Vazquez

    long lasting and good taste

  • Katie

    reasonable price and good quality

  • Joe Puleo

    Great choice for vaping and flavor

  • Jennifer

    Perfect hit

  • Bert zacchi

    Blue razz is an absolute best. I like the flavor and having it on flair plus make it all the more exciting. The flair plus vapes have changed the landscapes for vapes, other brands have to do better now.

  • Kalley Santora

    Nice packing and stuff

  • spencer.879.adili

    stylish and affordable

  • Dale Ford

    I will buy all those

  • Yadhira Quiroz

    I have used the flair plus and I love it. I love this flavor the most and I am sure that you would too.

  • Pukala

    Since I got on disposables, flair plus is the only brand that have appealed to me. I like depth of quality of the smoke and the fine curves of the device. I would recommend it. You should go it.

  • Steve cunningham

    simple but powerful

  • John Smith

    Its good

  • Moises jason

    My first and last choice.

  • Brandon Awad

    Always amazing quality from flair

  • Savior Butikis

    🖐️ 5 star product

  • Stephanie Alexander

    I use to consider disposable vapes a rip off until I found the flair plus. Because most disposable vapes I had used were quite shitty but not the flair plus. The brand makes the best vapes you can go check.

  • Tim

    If you haven’t tried the flair plus disposable vapes you are missing out and if you have but haven’t tried the blue razz yet, boy! You are wasting money. The blue razz is the best flavor out there.

  • Chris Murphy

    🤑 Cheap as hell

  • Nick Brown

    I have used Flair plus for a while now and I love how it satisfies me. You should try it too. Great product from a company that seems to know what they are doing.

  • Amanda Jackson

    💋 Love it

  • Steven Vitale

    just loved it