WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Next Synthetic Nicotine Disposable Device (Razzle Candy - 2000 puffs)


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The surprisingly bold burst of tarty and savory blue raspberry with sweet enough cotton candy on the finish to razzle up the day with the flair next razzle candy. This delicious blend of blue raspberry and cotton candy takes you back to your happy place, the super powerful battery with maximized puff capacity and wonderful flavor combination is the best version of flavorful razzle candies.


5.0 9 Reviews
  • Christian Szkola

    As stated, you will get 2000 puffs guaranteed. The battery gives the vape more than enough power to keep me feeling relieved.

  • Cameron Wybranski

    Favorite item from this brand. Candy flavor is tarty and awakening. I only need a couple of tokes at a time and I'm lit up. Well worth my funds. Feels like it could be stronger.

  • rianna Gonzalez

    The flavor is insane! Drag gets in a nice warm airflow considering that I am not a disposable enthusiast. I will another in anticipation of such a banging flavor.

  • Ryan Miller

    Razzle Candy is my preferred Flair caping choice. It comes with a solid body and does not feel flimsy. Tapered at the mouthpiece, the product fits naturally on my lips. Allows me to relax while vaping.

  • wendy Joans

    High tech everything works together to deliver a filling vaping experience. stays for long considering that there are only 3.5 ml in them.

  • Zion White

    Stopped me from buying cigarettes for a week. Got one for my housemate. She used it up in two days. She could not put it down.

  • Craig Salguero

    Being someone who enjoys the quench of vaping, I like to take it before going to bed.

  • Conti

    Razzle Candy soaks me in the ceremonial waters of purity with each draw. Produces a strong puff. Very simplistic in design. No need for extra tools.

  • Brian Balton

    Fashionable &miraculously superb vapes. Got it within my hand's reach every time. Real excitement has been missing in my life. Now I've got my confidence back without worrying about what will happen to my lungs in the next 30 years.