WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Next Synthetic Nicotine Disposable Device (Pineapple Lemonade - 2000 puffs)


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Our flair next pineapple lemonade feels like a guilt free sippable treat sweetened with pineapple. Presenting to you double frosty and extra fruity pineapple and bursting with the tangy tropical flavored vape, puff it on the go or treat your taste buds on a tantalizing amalgamation.


4.8 20 Reviews
  • James Klein

    Quality always win. thanks

  • DiMola

    My pineapple lemonade Package had a dent on it. But it was not enough to puncture the stick. What stands out is the high pineapple waft that oozes out as I exhale. Besides the nick, amazing pod!

  • Allen

    smokin hot 💋

  • James Jackson

    I'm in love with my disposable pen. Enjoyed every single inhale. I'm sucking on it right now as I type this. Pineapple lemonade is absolutely numero uno.

  • Racheal Chiodi

    Not a huge fan of disposable vapes but this one might well be the chosen one. Hits me nice and leaves me with a mouthful of pineapples. I won't leave 5 stars though, it will ruin the environment.

  • Hunter Holinka

    Love it!!

  • Laura Henderson

    Flair next I two packs to my boyfriend last October and he's been paying more attention to me ever since. When I'm in his neighborhood, we enjoy it together for a mind trip into paradise up in the mountains.

  • Lukas Tumbarello

    just loved it

  • Desiree Minter

    😇😇🙂🙂👌 tasty and funny

  • Kristen Burfeind

    perfect hit 👍

  • christina_fetterhoff376

    Love this brand and people

  • Samiel Davis

    Great experience with you guys

  • Lisa Binyard

    Loved old flavor 🥰

  • samantha_lane508

    Lovely body saves for a small dent. Cloud emission is minimal. Sends off Clean wafts of really profound flavors. Never leaves me but I almost got into trouble when i let a rip in a restricted zone. Will be mindful next time.

  • loftus

    Unbeatable quality, price and deal. Totally satistfaction.

  • Stacey Chase

    2000 puffs filled in a super nifty device that needs ZERO maintenance. Fruity flavoring that keeps me joyful with every drag. I fill up my lungs with it when I'm about to retire to bed after a warm dinner.

  • Nelson Jamkowski

    Great for regular use. The pineapple lemonade dash tastes natural and keeps me buzzy throughout the day. Impressive kit design.

  • Labora

    Light and powerful

  • Tanya Schaub

    nice companion. best in pocket 🤑

  • melanie

    Great choice for vaping and flavor