WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Next Synthetic Nicotine Disposable Device (Rip Tide - 2000 puffs)


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An incredible fusion of two most sought-after berries a frosty cool menthol is a summer must-have experience. These heavenly flavorful and juicy fruits combined well with the chilly menthol is a divine affair in hot summer days. Flair next RIP TIDE has started off with humble beginnings and quickly rose to become one of the leading sherbet flavors of vaping industry.


4.7 15 Reviews
  • Victor Torres

    Flair next tastes awesome. glad I don't have to worry about a refill. Helps me whenever im bored and need to snack on something. The order arrived without any hitches.

  • Cole Buckley

    just loved it

  • Laura_adam22

    Always amazing quality from flair

  • Adam Garcia

    Feel like a queen

  • Nguyen

    As soon as you tear open the package the flavor punches you in the face. A cleaner alternative to my regular nicotine hit. Great-tasting product overall.

  • Natalie Horwath

    Come and feel the taste of heaven in a tube. Nice blend, not overpowering. Ideal for first-time vapers. Relieves me quickly. I recommend it to anyone looking for balance and consistency.

  • Anthony Cummings

    Great product for beginner smokers who don't like the obscenities of cigarette handling. 2000 puffs is just a modest claim. I had slightly more than that. Fills me up until the last drag.

  • John Smith

    perfect hit 👍

  • McCarthy

    Vape sticks look discrete. I find them holdable, flavorful and adorable. Had a progressive conversation with the customer care team because ordering a dozen rip tides.

  • David Marie

    This brand is old and trusted

  • Barton

    stylish and affordable

  • Tim

    Riptide does the job for me when I need to self-medicate for depression. My wife abandoned me and now I have 2 kids to raise all by myself. This has thrown me a deep sulk. These spirit-lifting vapes have given me my confidence back.

  • Desiree Minter

    ✌️ best

  • Jeffrey Arnoldy

    Good customer care.

  • Chris Murphy

    Best budget disposable money can buy. Not so dry and very subtle. Great for an all-day vape binge. My type of vape.