WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



What’s Included

  • 4 x Infinity Pods (Pink Lemonade)


4.6 72 Reviews
  • Tyler Derr

    Good amount of puffs. Didn’t count, but really works.

  • Michael Applegate

    I was looking for a bit lower nicotine percentage.

  • Amber Lauer

    Pink lemonade Pods are good, Already ordered another slot.


    I don’t know how does it taste like? But it is good.

  • Kaitlyn Francesco

    Excellent product 4stars

  • charles_sharp710

    I really like this because it's just like a cigarette with extra flavors.

  • Connor Harmon

    Not bad at all. Really works well.

  • Kyle Melendez

    Love the flavour, but liquid is not enough. Can you make it bigger?

  • Diana

    It was awesome taste

  • Brian Stark-Buehl

    🤷‍😮 Awesome flavour

  • Jack jacob

    🤷‍😮 This flavour is king of all.

  • Matthew Talbert

    Ready to go flavour.

  • will_patane520

    Perfect for the girls also.

  • MIKE111

    Really good. would buy 3 now for my frnds.

  • Emily

    Love the design and working system of these pods. My rating is A+++++++ for the flavor

  • mj.986.lesher

    Taste great, Nice tobacco smell.

  • scott_marricone289

    This one really grew on me, I love all the tobacco flavors.🙃

  • Henry Nieves

    Never seen such great taste, just like original pink lemonade

  • ANNA?

    Lovethis liquid when it taste somewhere between sweet and sour of lemon. Nicotin is strong and refreshing.

  • Alexis Kanson

    Satisfying smooth

  • Samantha Abel

    This one have a good smell. nicotine is good percent so you'll not take lots of puffs. I wood recommend the Virginia tobacco especially for the ones that are changing from regular cigarettes to vape.

  • Steve

    Smooth on pocket also.


    Good product, fast delivery

  • mark tirelli

    Very smooth taste. Love that it is not harsh. I'm not big on different flavors so this is close to original flavor of tobacco.

  • Daniel Wheeler

    Amazing technology. Really loves this new way. Give cool sensation and relax feel with vape.

  • rianna Gonzalez

    🤷‍😮 Does it work well with Infinity device?

  • Zak Senter

    Superior flavour and amazing combination. Nicotine level is perfect, Always satisfy and works perfectly.

  • Harris

    Nice blend with fruity pink lemonade

  • Brooks

    Great taste and flavour

  • Donna Nasce

    Always good