WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Discover the appeal of the Black Cherry Gelato Flavor, a delicious blend of the rich flavors of black cherries and the indulgent creaminess of gelato. You'll be engulfed in a wash of enticing sweetness and velvety smoothness as soon as you inhale.Black Cherry Gelato's deep flavor profile satisfies the senses. Imagine biting into a plump, juicy black cherry and watching as the natural sweetness erupts and combines with the gelato's creamy, dessert-like features. The blend is flawlessly balanced, with the cherries' bright and slightly sour undertones balancing the gelato's rich, creamy flavor.The flavors intensify and change as you take a second breath. As the black cherry aroma develops, layers of dark fruitiness and hints of an earthy undertone can be detected. A harmonic symphony of flavors that dance over your taste receptors is created by the creamy gelato, which also provides a silky texture and a hint of vanilla.


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