How to Keep Your Vaping Device Safe?

How to Keep Your Vaping Device Safe?

Vaping has evolved into a global phenomenon with more and more people opening up to its benefits and jumping onto the bandwagon. Though vaping has been accredited to be a safer alternative to smoking, it comes with a fair share of hazards mostly related to improper usage of the device. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list of tips and tricks which can help you circumvent these hazards and make the most of your vaping experience.

13 Tips to keep your Vaping device safe for Longer Usage

1. Clean your device regularly

The vaping device should be kept clean. The tank build-ups can impact both the flavor and quality of your e-liquids. Ideally, you should clean your tank every time you change the e-juice. This can be done by emptying the containers and dipping them in lukewarm water once every month.

2. Use only the manufacturer’s charger for your device

The next time you carry your e-cigarette to a friend’s place and it runs out of charge, don’t just mindlessly connect it to your friend’s charger. Rather you should always stick to your manufacturer’s charger which is compatible with your vape’s battery.

3. Examine your battery quality

Often the vape kits are accompanied by powerful lithium-ion batteries. You should never swap them for cheap ones as that upsurges the chances of incurring problems.

4. Use temperature control mods – Extreme temperatures can often cause the vaping devices to release a lot of formaldehyde. This problem can be solved with temperature control mods that limit the maximum temperature the coil can reach during a dry puff. Your device will automatically reduce the power or stop firing until the temperature drops once the coil temperature reaches your chosen threshold.

5. Replace old batteries – Batteries retain their functionality only up to a certain number of cycles. You can take the example of lithium-ion batteries that start losing their strength and capacity after being subjected to extensive usage. Make sure to replace your battery if it takes less time to discharge. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your batteries every six months to one year depending on your usage.

6. Use married batteries – If your mod takes multiple batteries, always opt for the same ones. Using them together is a safe practice as it ensures that the cells receive a similar number of discharges/charges so that there aren’t imbalances in performance and capacity.

7. Avoid temperature extremes – Though vape batteries are engineered to tolerate temperature extremes; it is advisable not to test their limits. Higher temperatures can cause your batters to age faster by inflicting greater strain on them. Colder temperatures, on the other hand, will impact the battery capacity. You should store them properly in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. If you reside in an area where the temperature reaches an extreme level, consider storing your batteries and the vape device in a small insulated lunch cooler.

8. Always attend to charging batteries – It is never a good idea to leave your batteries charging unattended even when using a charger. Battery chargers being electronic devices are prone to failures. Thus, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the batteries and store them properly in battery cases when you aren’t around.

9. Don’t over-drain your batteries Lithium-ion batteries lose more capacity the further you allow them to discharge. Usually, the mods come with a battery level indication. You can prolong the life of batteries, i.e., the number of cycles expected out of them by taking them to charge before they are fully drained.

10. Don’t dry burn coils – When you don’t have a wick or e-liquid but still press the fire button, it is called dry burning. This is done by various vapers to ensure even temperature distribution. However, this can inflict a negative impact on the device’s metal structure. As the temperature reaches the 700°C or 1,290°F mark, it can impact the mod’s durability.

11. Shop from reputable suppliers – Though you might be tempted to buy your vaping mod from any random seller on the internet, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Most of the low-cost ones don’t have the built-in safety features offered by reputable companies which is why it pays to invest more in high-quality products from accredited producers.

12. Keep the wraps intact – The wraps of your batteries should always be maintained in top-notch condition. On noticing a nick on the battery wrap, you need to re-wrap it. Putting on the battery wraps is both cheap and easy. You can get more wraps by visiting your local vape shop where you can get your batteries wrapped for free within a couple of minutes.

13. Choose the right batteries – While some batteries are meant for low-wattage vaping, others are better suited for sub-ohm vaping and the third ones aren’t supposed to be used at all for vaping. You should ensure the batteries for your mod come in the appropriate specifications. Rather than simply reading the ratings on the wraps, check for independent battery reviews.


Vaping has taken the world by storm with its bountiful benefits. But for making the most of it, you need to keep the inherent hazards at bay by following our aforementioned guidelines.