Disposable Vape Problems & Solutions

Disposable Vape Problems & Solutions

Disposable vape problems are a common thing – even out-of-box. From zero hits to dry hits, disposable vapes can suddenly develop issues that significantly impact your vaping experience. This article discusses some common disposable vape problems and how you can resolve them and enjoy your device.

No Hits Here's arguably the most reported disposable vape problem. In some cases, you may get no vapor even when the power led blinks. Either of these reasons causes this condition:

No E-liquid If your device stops hitting, first, check whether you're out of e-juice. This is the most common reason why vaporizers stop producing vapor. On average, disposable vapes carries as much e-liquid that allows for as much as 200 puffs. However, note that you may not get as much with extremely deep inhales or overheated coil caused by too-regular use. Some vaporizers are designed with a window for users to gauge the e- liquid left. With such, you can tell if your disposable vape is out of e- liquid or has some other concerns like a dead battery.

Dead Battery If not out of e-liquid, then perhaps your vaporizer's battery is done. Many vapes come with a led indicator that tells the battery's status. For some, the led color changes – usually turn red – when inhaling. If the device goes out entirely without any indicator, a dead battery is a common culprit. Even with a low battery, sometimes, your device may still allow you to get one or two draws if you let it 'rest' for several hours. Often, disposable vapes are made with batteries that outlast the e- liquid supply. So if your device's battery runs out, the pod is most likely empty as well.

Insensitive Airflow Sensor Disposable vapes come with a puff detector technology, which works with an airflow sensor. So, for vapes that don't hit, there's a tendency that the airflow sensor is insensitive or obstructed by condensation in the device. One common way around this is to block one of your vapers inlet vents with a finger as you puff. This increases the airflow pressure and may get your device's puff sensors up and working.

It never worked If your vape device has never worked, it could be a factory defect. Thankfully, you can run such fixes with some stroke of creativity and a pair of tweezers. Note that this is not applicable across all disposable vapes. However, it is a common fix for the common 'puff-bar'-designed rectangular vape devices. With tweezers, pick off your vape device's mouthpiece. Beneath the mouthpiece, look for the cotton pad, perforated in the middle. The cotton pad is designed to hold condensation and work against spitting and gurgling. If the pad appears bunched up, it needs attention. Remove and reposition. Ensure the hole matches with that in the rubber stopper beneath it. If the cotton doesn't look clustered, remove it and place aside. Inspect the rubber stopper. There's a hole that leads directly inside the device. Is the hole blocked? If, remove the stopper and readjust. Better still, you may use a wooden toothpick to open up the hole. If done as directed, your device should deliver well enough. Reassemble the parts and enjoy your session.

My disposable vape gets wet Gurgling or leakages are disposable vape problems caused by deep draws. When you exert excessive pressure on your puffs, the excess liquid goes into the coil or device's chimney. The extra goes into your mouth or drips through the vaporizer's air inlet vent. Either condition can be unpleasant. For this, avoid too heavy puffs to ensure the e-liquid stays where it should. For pod-based devices, refrain from squeezing the sides. This could cause the pod to flex and cause excess e-juice into the coil compartment.

Why does my disposable vape smell burn? If you perceive your vapor smells burned, that's a signal to slow down. Many disposable vapes are not designed with a temperature control function. Hence, too quick puffs could mean you do not allow the wick to absorb enough liquid before your next drag. This could burn your wick and deliver a terrible flavor. Also, avoid overheating, do not leave your disposable vape in your car during hot weather or under direct sunlight.

If you think your puffs are gentle and slow enough and you still notice the burn, it's most likely that your device has no e-liquid. You may allow the device to stay for some minutes so that the wick absorbs more liquid, for some few extra puffs.

Can I reuse a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes are so-called because they are meant to be disposed of after short-term use. This design also makes them cheap. Although you might have heard stories of persons recharging their device's battery, it's a dangerous thing to do. While it's possible to recharge alkaline batteries, they may bloat, leak, and explode while charging. So, although possible, it's unsafe since the cells were not intended for charging. Don't charge.

How about refilling disposable vape? Is it possible?

Yes, it's possible to reload your device's e-juice. But, trust me, refilling comes with too many troubles that make it seem not worth it. Disposable vapes are intentionally designed chiefly for convenience. If you prefer to refill your vaporizer, look away from a disposable vape. Go for a device suited for refills. If you insist on refilling, keep in mind that the battery is also designed to power the device for a single session. So, as the juice runs out, the battery should be almost done too – your extra liquid might end up a waste.

Wrap Up While vaping can be fun, every vaping enthusiast understands it's common to experience some disposable vape problems. If you're a newbie, don't fret. This article should guide you through handling such fixes and getting back on your vaping. However, it is noteworthy that most of these vaping concerns are typical of low-quality vaping devices. Investing in quality disposable vapes will help avoid these annoying problems and increase your overall vaping experience