Are Vape And E Hookah the Same?

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The world has recorded a significant drop in cigarette users. While this is a massive relief to concerned bodies, the war isn’t entirely won. Findings show many quitters have only dropped their cigarettes for other perceived ‘less harmful’ ways to ingest nicotine.

Vaporizer sare one increasingly popular nicotine consumption route, particularly among youngsters.

Away from vaporizers, Hookahs, though less known, is gaining quite an attention.

What is Hookah?

Popularly called shisha, hookah’s initial use is traceable to the Middle East and India, where the herbs formed an essential part of their religious exercises.

Hookahs are made up of tobacco-loaded pipe, water-filled bowls, flavors, and a hose with which the tobacco is smoked.

Although hookah isn’t new, it was barely known, but until lately. Its users are predominantly young adults and teenagers. For instance, stats from the American Lung Association reports an estimated 140,000 middle school students an about 600,00 of their high school counterparts have attempted hookah within the last month, as at the time of the survey. This result may belinked to the increasing acceptance of the hookah at socials.

Hookahs are commonly smoked among groups. There’s a rising number of dedicated hookah cafes – particularly in the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Hookah may otherwise be referred to as narghile, argileh, bute, Goza, or hubble-bubble.

Although many perceive hookah as less risky than traditional cigarettes, it may actually be as dangerous, if not more.

What About Vapes?

Vapes are battery-powered devices designed to generate vapor from heated concentrates, known as e-juice. The fog, when inhaled, delivers the nicotine and other properties to users.

E-juice comes in different flavors alongside propylene glycol and glycerin solution,which comes with varying nicotine concentration.

Vapes features a heating compartment referred to as atomizers, which laps the coil and organic cotton. The cotton absorbs the e-juice, which is eventually heated to vapor.

Vaporizers come in different forms; shapes, and sizes. Some are pen-like in appearance, some like flash drive, and are chargeable with your USB port. Disposable vaporizers are also available.

While vaping is widely thought less harmful, experts say it isn’t safe. Vapor produced contains different chemicals and particles that can leave dreaded after effects.

Shisha Vs. E-Juice

Vaporizers are to e-liquids as hookahs are to tobacco ‘shisha.’

E-juice and shisha are available in both nicotine and nicotine-free variants. Also, they both come with Vegetable Glycerin(VG) and a range of flavor variants.

For content, shisha contains a mix of molasses or honey, VG, tobacco leaves, and flavorings. On the other hand, E-liquid contains VG, nicotine, as well as propylene glycol and flavor.

Hookah and Vape

Both vapes and hookahs allow you to combine flavors. Their typical flavors include cherry, strawberry, watermelon, apple, mango,and watermelon.

Lately, you’d even find more sophisticated flavors like licorice, chocolate, mint, and blends like creamy orange, soda, and cappuccino

Talking about the physical experience, they both deliver that typical nicotine buzz.

About the vapor, users express diverse opinions. While some think both vape juice and shisha offer smooth flavor, a group prefers vape’s subtle hits to the hasher shisha. However, to most, both vape and hookah offer a smoother experience than traditional tobacco.

The routine

Hookahs are usually used in social settings. Of course, you can smoke your shisha alone, which tends to be more fun when used at socials in groups. As well, you can invite friends over and have your hookah in your home.

However, before use, hookah demands some little setups. And to some, the cleaning and maintenance ritual is appealing.

Vaping, on the other hand, is more of a daily routine, just like cigarette smoking, than a social ritual like hookah. Vaping is more personalized as you can grab your vape pen from your pocket and puff at your convenience. There are no particular setups. Again, they are widely more available – way more than hookahs.

Nicotine Consumption

with your e-juice, you can,to no small extent, monitor your nicotine consumption. The liquid usually comes with variant nicotine levels, which allows you to choose a preferred potency level. E-liquids are also available in various VG concentrations.

For hookah, it is difficult – if at all possible – to gauge your nicotine consumption.

 Vapor Generation

Here’s one core aspect that differentiates vapes and hookahs. Hookah makes its vapor with hot coals and a water pipe. When lit, the coals heat the tobacco and flavors and create vapor that travels up the flexible hose right into your mouth.

For vapes, they are designed with an electronic heating system powered by batteries. The system heats the e-juice to produce vapor.

Different Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, vapes and hookahs’ ingredients are different. Hookahs create vapor from shisha and flavorings, perhaps including glycerin and honey.

Vapes, on the other hand, produce its flavor from nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and some other food-grade concentrates.


There you are. We assume you now know – or know better – the difference between your vapes and hookahs. Both have close links, so it’s common to see vape-using friends around hookahs when occasions demand.

However, note that until more research emerge, neither vapesnor hookahs are healthy.

Your best bet? Make conscious efforts to stop any form of inhalation and stay healthier!

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