Flair Slim Oil Vaporizer Pen (Stainless Steel)


Stainless Steel
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  • Preheat Function
  • Variable Voltage 3.4v, 3.7v, 4v
  • High-quality glass
  • Minimize the waste


Flair premium pen shape vaporizer kit can be refilled with 0.5ml ceramic atomizer. The product is having lifetime warranty. It has preheat function and 3 voltage setting with 450 mah battery.

What’s Included

  • Li-Ion Battery: 450 mAh
  • Premium quality refillable 0.5ml Ceramic Atomizer
  • USB Charger
  • Lifetime Warranty

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    (Stainless Steel)



4.9 18 Reviews

    Great store to order. shipment came 1 day earlier which us always nice. package was in great condition.

  • Miguel Brennan

    Amazing, Highly recommends Stainless steel color.

  • jay_wendt214

    So I have been using this device over a month and I satisfied with this vape. It’s a nice portable design with good performance. This is my first vape and it’s a good beginners.

  • Cristian Ann

    Great battery life!! Worked as advertized!!

  • Betty

    Light and portable. Good Stainless steel finish.

  • Ryan Doe

    I am new in this vaping. Can’t compare to any other device. But it is quite useful and works good. I am not in mood to try other device until this work perfect.

  • Brayden Y

    Sweet and inexpensive. Fits nicely in hand, easy to hide suddenly if necessary, and slips right in your pocket!

  • thomas_gavallas690

    Smooth and even draw. Very cute size. Fantastic stainless steel color.

  • madalyn.531.davronov

    Nice smooth flavorful hits.

  • chris_giles805

    Amazing portable device and the tank is the king. Great vape and great tank, together they are so good.

  • angela Sizemore

    Stainless steel is my favorite color. It seems like regular writing pen. But it is powerful device

  • corey.285.clavner

    Lots of clouds, lots of flavor, battery lasts, sufficient tank, great coils. What else you would require.

  • Michael Applegate

    Burns clean and smooth. Excellent

  • Jane Stansbury

    Nice quality product. This is my first time dry vaping. I wish the pen held more liquid, but I like it.

  • melissa_vargas615

    Very good performance. But doesn’t hold much liquid. Overall ok and satisfied.

  • Christina Velazquez

    This is definitely one of the best devices I have seen out there. The huge capacity is great especially for when I want to switch from one flavor to another or even a mix, and I love the color options you can choose from for this. It’s easy to hold in your hands and easy to keep in your pocket.

  • stephanie_vargas691

    The vaporizar is the best option to start in vapor World. It is very portable and easy to use. Comes in many different colors.

  • Jennifer Materazzi

    I had a problem with the device, but customer care supported me and solved it quick.

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