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Flair Salt Nicotine Liquid (Strawberry Milk)


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FLAIR X SALT NICOTINE LIQUID STRAWBERRY MILK can be used in pods and other atomizer devices.


  • Familiar Strawberry Cream flavor
  • 5.5% Strength
  • 30 ml Special Blend Liquid
  • Major Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavors, Nicotine Salt

What’s Included

30 ml Special Blend Liquid

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4.6 32 Reviews
  • Dalton Mailloux


  • Jay Wendt

    I get a true throat hit with little to no harshness.

  • wals277

    Really amazing quality.

  • Naz shanks

    Taste good

  • Richard Johnston

    Finally a vape juice for me.

  • Dagny Duane

    Flair have best vape juice and and innovative flavors.

  • Jesse Halkis

    Awaken your taste buds and make them tingle

  • kristie Grueiro

    Strawberry is not too harsh or too creamy. I have already done half bottle, but it is really good. Each drop is worth every penny you spent.

  • Danny Everham

    On the inhale of Brain Freeze, your desires will be fulfilled.

  • Niko

    really full taste of the strawberry tobacco with no gross aftertaste.

  • Walker

    Can’t recognize proper flavor. Needs to improve little.

  • Natalie Hangliter

    Perfect liquid for starter kit and pods

  • Alex Johnson

    Remember: Use it on vape pen kits and pod mods.

  • maddy.994.perry

    Fast shipping and good customer care.

  • Matthew Lagamba

    This strawberry juice will rock your world.

  • Angelica Leissing

    When I ordered this flavor I had different expectation in the mind, but It is really unique. Not common. I will finish this bottle and will try another also.

  • Colin

    Good PG/VG ratio, Perfect blend

  • Jake Wolf

    What a combination of smell and nicotine. Are they using natural flavors?

  • Dante Pagan

    I absolutely love this juice. By far my favorite, I’ve been vaping for 4 years now and most juices get old really quick. But this one is different. I would really continue this flavor for atleast a year.

  • Austin M

    30 ml is quite good quantity

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