Flair Infinity 8 Variety Pods Pk


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  • FLAIR INFINITY ® 8 Variety Pods
  • Propriety fantastic blend
  • Nicotine strength 5.02% nicotine by weight
  • Only compatible with Flair Infinity device
  • 1.0 ml of Property Blend Liquid per pod
  • 8 Variety pods: Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Classic Menthol, Melon Breeze, Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Blue mint


Flair infinity pods are clean and convenient way of change flavor or continue vaping with our Infinity device. Wide varieties of flavor available to make your vaping experience more rich and tasty.

What’s Included

8 Variety pods : Each 1.0 ml pod of following flavors

  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Cool Mint
  • Classic Menthol
  • Melon Breeze
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Blue mint

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4.7 98 Reviews
  • Noah Akira

    Love the flavour, but liquid is not enough. Can you make it bigger?

  • Betty

    I don’t know how does it taste like? But it is good.

  • Augustine bertoti

    This flavour is king of all.

  • Matt aquila

    Amazing technology. Really loves this new way. Give cool sensation and relax feel with vape.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Greater taste, Good product.

  • Jacqueline Aboyoun

    This one have a good smell. nicotine is good percent so you’ll not take lots of puffs. I wood recommend the Virginia tobacco especially for the ones that are changing from regular cigarettes to vape.

  • David F

    Golden seal on this flavour

  • Brandon Lamp

    😋😋😋😮💖 Should increase the nicotine.

  • alicia acevedo

    Perfect for the girls also.

  • Thomas White

    Flavors are excellent with fruity blends.

  • lexi_lalor395

    💖😋😋👌👌😘😘 Closest taste to real tobacco.💖😋🙂

  • Cory Hayes

    It was problem in selecting quantity, but customer service solved it. Now happy.

  • Holly Bender

    Nice flavor, mild hot on the throat, would recommends to all

  • Alex

    Excellent product 4stars

  • Pukala

    Really good. would buy 3 now for my frnds.

  • Todd Senter

    🙃💖🙃🙃🙃🙃 Taste great, Nice tobacco smell.

  • David Matriccino

    Golden seal on this flavour

  • Robert Carlucci

    I was looking for a bit lower nicotine percentage.

  • Cortney Leone

    Is this pod refillable? Which liquid should fill?😇😋

  • dj Attal-Morich

    Nice blend with fruity pink lemonade

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