Flair Sapphire Disposable Device (Virginia Tobacco)


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  • Drag Activated system
  • 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • 400 puffs per stick (approx.)
  • Non-refillable, ready to use!!


Flair Sapphire Virginia tobacco gives you a fresh drag of flue-cured and earthy native- american tobacco that reminds you of cigars and pipe-blends in vaping session. This tarty and flavor-full rich tobacco flavored disposable is all time favorite for the vaping community!!

What’s Included

  • 1 x 1.3ml device with prefilled e-Liquid
  • Ingredients: Nicotine Salt, Propylene Glycol(PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Flavor.

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4.7 73 Reviews
  • Eldrich Goodwin

    I don’t know why, but I have purchased this 10 times. Now planning to use rechargeable.

  • kelly_staats306

    Love this pen. I have been using it for over six months and I haven’t smoked once since I used this!!!

  • Cole Buckley

    Nice and compact, and very lightweight. A very nice draw without having a huge cloud.

  • Jones

    This is the only flavour which feels like original to me.

  • Dan Hennigar


  • Jacob McCallister

    It is great starter kit. If you like you can order it with rechargeable battery

  • Jacek Conti

    Virginia tobacco is slight different than other tobacco taste. But you can only identify original taste if you are pro.

  • Patricia Dough

    Classic virgian tobacco taste. Amazing experience. If you’re thinking about getting this kit, get it. It is worth the money.

  • Yadhira Remmy

    🙃👍👍🙂👌😋😋 Purchased 3 before going to vacation. Hope it works well.

  • Gabby vollmecke

    I found the perfect product. I bought several other kits but I wasted my money.

  • Nick Schwenk

    Everything you need is in here, and I’m very impressed with the quality.

  • Adham Stansbury

    😋😋😘👍👍😇 Great quality , Super flavors.

  • Danny White

    Flair is most reliable brand in vaping business, I have tried many but they failed me.

  • Jones

    Love it, thanks for the reward points. Didn’t tried all flavors.

  • Henry Nieves

    I didn’t counted but it have given more than 400 puffs. Good amount of battery.

  • Tiffany Neithamer

    The smooth flavor delivery. It hits very nice in throat, I remember the taste for many hours in my breath. It reduced the nicotine requirements and constant craving.

  • Inwoo Nelson

    I am planning to throw party in few days. I thing I will need all the flavors to satisfy my guests.

  • Caiden Wallace

    However there are some fruity flavors available, I will recommends manly choices like mint.

  • Ryan Doe

    Easy vaping for my 65 years old dad. He doesn’t like much accessories and always forget charging.

  • Hunter Keenan

    Recommending all my vaping friends.

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