Flair Sapphire Disposable Device (Menthol)


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  • Drag Activated system
  • 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • 400 puffs per stick (approx.)
  • Non-refillable, ready to use!!


Feel the winter ice with our Flair sapphire Menthol. This flavor was specially created by our experts for you to feel ultra refreshed and cool. Our products are made with utmost care and professional expertise so that you can enjoy quality vaping sessions anytime. Our disposables are ideal for summer parties and all day vape sessions with friends.

Our wide variety of sapphire devices allow you to choose your favorite flavor according to your mood. Each device comes with 400 puffs (approx.) that are enough for several vaping sessions. Our disposable can curb your smoking urge which makes it the perfect alternative. Each puff gives you a cool taste of ice with a feel of menthol cigarette.

What’s Included

  • 1 x 1.3ml device with prefilled e-Liquid
  • Ingredients: Nicotine Salt, Propylene Glycol(PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Flavor.

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4.7 63 Reviews
  • ava Monzo

    No need to know too much product specification. Fast and easy to use.

  • Arif Thorpe

    Love it, thanks for the reward points. Didn’t tried all flavors.

  • jewel Connell

    Flair products keep on getting better and better in terms of durability and battery life

  • Laura Tecco

    No problem at all. It is hassle free…

  • Kyra Dickel

    I am 65 year old and was smoking since last 20 years. Never heard about such products. My daughter gifted this and it really worked. I can even enjoy different taste with my nicotine requirement. I can do it without any mess. Really thank full to them.

  • michael

    👌🤩 Love the device- Must buy

  • Jayden Oneill

    It looks like good. Will purchase again.

  • angela Sizemore

    Not like other e cigarette, this actually works, It taste really good. I think they are perfect for anyone trying to quit smoking, and those who just want to replace the habit of smoking with a better alternative.

  • Kareena Conroy

    Responsive and quick customer care- I called for support and they provide detail conversation and instruction. Issue solved and very happy with customer care.

  • Taylor Sorensen

    Now my clothes don’t stinks. It is really refreshing and handy products.

  • Telx Burfeind

    I got very little break in busy retail hours. I can’t waste my time in charging, refilling, setting, preheat and such headache. It is quickly satisfy my requirements in few minutes.

  • Liam Herndon

    The best vape product available.

  • Courtney Sosa

    This cig taste nice with 5% nicotine. Can’t complaint, it is really nice blend and very easy to puff device.

  • Sandon ziegler

    Disposable e-cigarette is amazing product from Flair.

  • Trevor Dill

    Nice finish and high quality product.

  • caiden_walters777

    I am planning to throw party in few days. I thing I will need all the flavors to satisfy my guests.

  • Sebastian Knappy

    I found the perfect product. I bought several other kits but I wasted my money.

  • kesha.563.frolic

    🙂🙂😘😘😘 Good design, fantastic price and free shipping.

  • Arias

    Quality product, Amazing colors and taste.

  • Noah Reimel

    Also good for disabled person. Just put in mouth. No need to start any button. No need to charge or refill.

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