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Flair Sapphire Disposable Device (Blue Mint)


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A smooth blueberry blend with Mint to really bring out the delicate sweetness. This very popular all-day vape flavor is a real winner if you want to keep yourself cool. This elegantly square shaped sapphire hues disposable requires no filling, no recharging and no wreckage.


  • Drag Activated system
  • 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • 400 puffs per stick (approx.)
  • Non-refillable, ready to use!!

What’s Included

  • 1 x 1.3ml device with prefilled e-Liquid
  • Ingredients: Nicotine Salt, Propylene Glycol(PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Flavor.

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4.6 71 Reviews
  • Menplay

    Disposable e-cigarette is amazing product from Flair.

  • jacob roeber

    The best vape product available.

  • Rizk

    Love this pen. I have been using it for over six months and I haven’t smoked once since I used this!!!

  • Cheyenne Ready

    Purchased 3 before going to vacation. Hope it works well.

  • Esordi

    Trying to quit smoking.. I’ve tried a lot of different e-cigarette’s , But this one is different. It gives me tight draw each time.

  • will_patane635

    Works great, Love the Blue mint flavor . Better than regular cigarette. Now I can take a single puff whenever I want without wasting money on whole cigarette. No smoking odor in my car or on my clothes. Couldn’t be better option than this.

  • David Matriccino

    Icy mint flavor is really refreshing. It smells like my favorite minty gum. It hides all tobacco smell in my mouth. It is important for me, you know.

  • Ballard

    I bet this flavor can work for me even without any nicotine. Just kidding.

  • Nicholas Ginter

    Everything you need is in here, and I’m very impressed with the quality.

  • matt_aquila783

    Responsive and quick customer care- I called for support and they provide detail conversation and instruction. Issue solved and very happy with customer care.

  • Patrick Coddington

    Few days ago quit a smoking. To balance my self and not to drive me mad, I use this product frequently. Hope soon it will allow me to quite 100%.

  • Luis warehouse

    Easy vaping for my 65 years old dad. He doesn’t like much accessories and always forget charging.

  • nikki Tumbarello

    Excellent !!! Love all Products

  • Aidan Forsythe

    Happy to be part of Flair. Disposable products are my favorite

  • Michael Fakhoury

    I have now totally replaced my tobacco cigarettes, within weeks with these e-cigs. I know how hard it is to quit

  • Boaz Carter

    This cig taste nice with 5% nicotine. Can’t complaint, it is really nice blend and very easy to puff device.

  • Zach Dejesus

    It lasts for hours in my memory. Taste good🙃🙃🙃

  • Anthony Collins

    Flair always did their best. Love this product also.

  • Annieliz Boyington

    🤩🤩💖😇😇😮 Bought for my dad, he is happy with it.🤩👍👍

  • Diana

    Something new to try.

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