Flair Sapphire Disposable Device (Banana)


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  • Drag Activated system
  • 1.3 ml e-liquid capacity
  • 5% nicotine strength
  • 400 puffs per stick (approx.)
  • Non-refillable, ready to use!!


If you ۪ re craving a sugary treat, the flair sapphire banana disposable with a unique scent and extra crispy texture with a ripe and creamy taste like vanilla custard could be your perfect choice!

This laffy taffy is surely a sweet treat to your taste buds.

What’s Included

  • 1 x 1.3ml device with prefilled e-Liquid
  • Ingredients: Nicotine Salt, Propylene Glycol(PG), Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Flavor.

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4.7 67 Reviews
  • Michael

    Untill I tasted banana flavour, I was wondering why so many people are buying and praising banana flavours? It is really good blend. This will be in my purchase list for next 3-4 months.

  • Laura Wildrick

    Banana flavour is for banana lovers. I really like.

  • Laura Tecco

    Good flavour, good amount of nicotine.

  • kathryn_simmonds451

    I got very little break in busy retail hours. I can’t waste my time in charging, refilling, setting, preheat and such headache. It is quickly satisfy my requirements in few minutes.

  • David Bennett

    Excellent product, amazing price.

  • Jon Feliciano

    Good design, fantastic price and free shipping.

  • Shawn Rheaume

    I am 65 year old and was smoking since last 20 years. Never heard about such products. My daughter gifted this and it really worked. I can even enjoy different taste with my nicotine requirement. I can do it without any mess. Really thank full to them.

  • Lukas Tumbarello

    Love it, thanks for the reward points. Didn’t tried all flavors.

  • Allison chew

    I only like flair device. How ever due to color, it has been lost for last 3 times. But now having fancy color. As it is working great.

  • Michael Allen

    Rich sweet banana flavour. 5% nicotine is little low for my chain smoker girl. She is now managing nicotine intake and enjoying this sweet flavour.

  • Miguel Cerino

    No need to wait. It is very fast and satisfying.🙃🙃💖💖😮

  • Eric martin

    Nice blend🤩🤩😇😇😇😇👌😮

  • Clydejah Williams

    Flair always did their best. Love this product also.

  • Yasmin Parker

    Damn easy to use, good flavor and right amount of clouds.

  • Corey clavner

    Now my clothes don’t stinks. It is really refreshing and handy products.

  • Bryan Beaver

    The smooth flavor delivery. It hits very nice in throat, I remember the taste for many hours in my breath. It reduced the nicotine requirements and constant craving.

  • Emily

    😮😘💖 Worked like magic wand

  • Inwoo Nelson

    No need to know too much product specification. Fast and easy to use.

  • John Calderon

    It looks like good. Will purchase again.😮😘💖

  • cian.245.ozbas

    Quality product, Amazing colors and taste.

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