Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (Lemon Mint)


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  • Excellent Lemon Mint flavor
  • Propriety fantastic blend
  • Nicotine strength 5% nicotine by weight
  • 600 Puffs/Stick


A deliciously refreshing mint and citrus vape. This deep, tangy, fruity flavor with a minty aftertaste gives a pleasant menthol sensation that completely satisfies all your cravings. Although the Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (Lemon Mint) comes in a small package, it packs a lot of punch. It leaves you wanting more. And don’t fret; we’ve got all you could ever want.

What’s Included

1 x Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (Lemon Mint)

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4.6 33 Reviews
  • amanda_jackson836

    Greater taste, Good product.

  • Corey

    Too strong.

  • Peter Monge

    Really like sweetness of lemon mint flavor.

  • Brian Balton

    Can’t find similar in other brand. Smooth and sweet.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Perfect blend of tart, sweet, and juicy! Vape it all day!

  • jose.489.iadanza

    Taste great with lemon mint, will buy again and again.

  • Mason Okonski

    Love this pen, Amazing lemon mint flavor combination.

  • Kristen Kizer

    Sure one of the best disposables and best flavor on the market

  • Joseph Steitz

    No fill, no mess. Just use and throw it. Really like this new concept of smoking.

  • Catherine Tatta

    This dispo. Pen are pretty good, but doesn’t last longer as my expectation, I will choose this one until I find the better option.

  • karen_bassett384

    Much better than cotton candy

  • griffiths560

    Excellent and powerful.

  • Dylan Little

    No need to go outside or designated smoking area. This can be use anywhere.

  • keri MULTANI

    I got my Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen. Very satisfied experience. Very powerful product.

  • Katie

    Value of money. All inside single package. Battery, coil, pod, liquid.

  • Jesse Halkis

    Disposable pen gives me freedom and flexibility in flavor. No need to worry about spill liquid.

  • samantha Huntington

    Nice product, great pricing, Amazing lemon mint flavor

  • Henry Nieves

    Should increase the nicotine. Its like girly product.👌👌

  • Chesser

    It came good condition and works perfect .

  • Prudvi Soper

    This product is helping me to cutdown my nicotine intake. I am doing slow and steady progress. Very good.

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