Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (Cotton Candy)


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  • Delicious Cotton Candy flavor
  • Propriety fantastic blend
  • Nicotine strength 5% nicotine by weight
  • 600 Puffs/Stick


The cotton candy flavor is a rich flavor filled with the fluffiness of the cotton candy. It evokes a chilling appreciation of the finer side of life. A great flavor profile for all moods. However, you would appreciate its uplifting effects at sunset or on summer afternoons. The Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (cotton candy) provides the satisfaction you seek while giving you the sensation of savoring cotton candy – pure relish.

What’s Included

1 x Flair Salt Nicotine Disposable Pen (Cotton Candy)

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4.7 34 Reviews
  • Jenal Salas

    This is my favorite! I first tried it and couldn’t believe the flavor, I went to get more and they don’t sell them anywhere near me. So I got online and ordered them. I was shocked at how fast they arrived so I have been ordering them when I can! Love the flavor! ❤❤

  • John Konstantopoulos

    This is great reliable vaping product. You don’t need to refill or recharge. No pods to attaché. No worry about proper fitting. No smoking room and not even spill and bad smell around you. Never thought about nicotine vapor without heating or burning.

  • Katie

    How can I refill or recharge?

  • joe Henry

    Compact and long lasting. With very low usage it lasts for weeks. I don’t remember how much days it lasted. But very satisfied with quality.

  • Julio ohlweiler

    Nice product, great pricing, Amazing cotton candy flavor

  • Whatton

    Sure one of the best disposables and best flavor on the market

  • Eamon Bohnsack

    Delicious cotton candy flavor. The device is responsive and feel fresh with every puff.

  • Tim

    Excellent and powerful.

  • tiffany.320.neithamer

    This dispo. Pen are pretty good, but doesn’t last longer as my expectation, I will choose this one until I find the better option.

  • Jay Wendt

    No need to go outside or designated smoking area. This can be use anywhere.

  • Stacey Chase

    🤩🤩💖😘😘 It came good condition and works perfect .

  • Zach

    😇😋😋 really cuts down my smoking requirements

  • John Demo

    Really like sweetness of cotton candy flavor.

  • chris_leyda354

    This product is helping me to cutdown my nicotine intake. I am doing slow and steady progress. Very good.

  • Haley valley

    Love this pen, Amazing cotton candy flavor combination.

  • Claudia Haberstroh

    I switched from regular cigarette to this disposable one. Never disappointed with flair products. Cotton candy flavor give fruity feel with mild nicotine amount.

  • John Kasireddy

    Value of money. All inside single package. Battery, coil, pod, liquid.

  • Matt Lee

    Flair this flavour will make loyal customer. I will sure buy again and again. Very good product.

  • isabella.646.kiesling

    It is exactly as displayed here. Very satisfied with cotton candy taste.

  • Brian Stark-Buehl

    Much better than mango

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