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Flair Envy Disposable Device (Lush Ice)


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Flair envy is puff bar style disposable device available in various fruity and refreshing flavours. It is ultra portable and light weight elegant design. You don’t need to charge or refill as it is disposable device. Enjoy variety of taste, switch them immediately and discard when finished.


  • Delicious Lush Ice (1 Stick)
  • Fantastic Property Blend
  • Nicotine Strength 5.0%
  • 400 Puffs/Stick

What’s Included

1 Stick of Flair envy Disposable Device (Lush Ice)

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4.7 83 Reviews
  • Aaron Becker

    Refreshing smell. Good handy product.

  • Mark Stippick

    This melon device is amazing. Long lasting.

  • Renson

    Easy vaping for my 70 years old dad. He doesn’t like much accessories and always forget charging.

  • Kris Fierro

    Too strong.

  • Natalie Hangliter

    Simple functionality, attractive price.

  • Jason Gardner

    This is new generation vaping product. No harm to others.

  • Lisette Finesse

    Nice product, great pricing, Amazing melon flavor👌👌😇👍👍😮

  • Hayden Mader

    Just received this and so far so good. Very impressed with the small size, color and design.

  • Matthew Talbert

    Reasonable price for no mess. Just use and forget.

  • karl materazzi

    🙃💖😮 Best product so far

  • Michael crane

    Simple and instant

  • Jon Beaton

    Never seen such great taste🙃

  • Sharon Eosso

    Sweetmango is my preference, but melon is also good.

  • Jose Iadanza

    Gona try this one. Melon looks tasty.

  • Brian Balton

    I was really afraid to try such product, but now i feel comfortable in it. This is great invention.

  • Robert Donaldson

    Love these for traveling I don’t have to worry about charging them or losing them

  • Nguyen

    Should increase the nicotine. Its like girly product.

  • Michael Allen

    Very nice, cool

  • Rosa Tinley

    👌💖👌👌 Good taste, High quality product

  • Scott Ayers

    There is no electronics in it. Really good product. Nothing burns at all.

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