WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Battery F1100 1100 Mah (Black)


In Stock

  • Powerfull & Long Lasting
  • Comes with battery and a USB charger


Flair high power battery empowers long lasting performance to satisfy your nonstop vaping requirements. The kit contains battery and a USB charger. It is available in black and stainless steel finish

What’s Included

  • Kit Includes
  • 1100 mAh Battery
  • USB Charger


4.7 31 Reviews
  • Desiree Minter

    Good product but they should provide information about it. How many hours should be charges etc. There must be User’s manual.

  • Ryan Ruiz

    It consumes all my liquid. It saves money.

  • Frankie Harrell

    It looks like perfect size. Preheat function is amazing.

  • Justin Zirrillo

    It was awesome.😮😮😋😋😇🤩🤩

  • Grace Kalieta

    Glad it connected well. Easy to pourchase, fast delivery 😊😊

  • Christian

    Great vape with this powerful battery

  • Nick Beers

    The battery works great. I have only had to charge it twice since there are several months gone. Definitely recommend it.

  • gabriel_staerk532

    😇💖💖😋😇 Powerful pack in tiny size.

  • Giovanni

    Quick shipping, even during holidays.

  • Claire Mah

    Reliable and easy to use

  • Leeann T

    Great powerhouse in small package.

  • chase.989.turner

    Solid, lasts a longtime. reasonable price.


    Mega power for Big requirement. It is neverending source for people like me. Using since last 2 months. Doesn’t fad power.

  • harris

    This is my second battery. It works as per advertisement🙃🙃😇😘😘

  • Joe Puleo

    Very happy with this product. I have been recommending it to all.

  • Alex Johnson

    No issue with 650 mah battery. Preheat is good

  • Jennifer Miltenberger

    Love this battery. First class product. I have tried many batteries but this worked well.

  • William Celusniak

    I can Charge easily with my laptop USB charger. No need to worry about power source. It can also charged on power bank.

  • Theodore Lopez

    All my purchases have been as expected. fast, professional service and I like the performance of the Flair products.

  • Hollingshead

    Every one should invest in good battery, only they can provide full potential of your e juice.

  • Aidan Drake

    I just forget when the last time I have charged. Super performance.

  • Austin Vile

    Plug an play. No thing to worry. It worked well.

  • Amber Lauer

    Such amazing product.

  • paul DeNoia

    Preheat function gives power in the beginning stage. So you can vape smoothly at lower power. It provides good vapour with consistent quality. Thank me later

  • Joey walace

    If you don’t know here is the fact- preheat battery allows you to consume whole liquid while improving the life of coil. It produce the clean and good taste.

  • Zachary Vinka

    Don’t know much technical. But it works as per description.

  • Clydejah Williams

    USB charger quality is good. It can be also used in another device. Preheat function is amazing.

  • Liam Herndon

    Good performance. This battery have long running time compare to others.

  • antonio Jeffery

    Amazing product. Clean and no mess

  • Nick Kedzior

    Fantastic ! value of each penny