WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Envy Disposable Device (Strawberry Mint Ice)


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  • Delicious strawberry mint ice Flavor
  • Fantastic Property Blend
  • Nicotine Strength 5.0%
  • 400 Puffs/Stick


Flair envy strawberry mint ice is more about lightened up, sweet and creamy take on your vaping session. It is rich and smooth en-hales are double handedly responsible for being a "vape treat store"

What’s Included

1 Stick of Flair envy Disposable Device (Strawberry Mint Ice)


4.7 63 Reviews
  • Blake Rasmussen

    It was awesome taste

  • Brian Kampe

    I have tried a few different tobacco flavors, but this is my favorite.

  • Nikita Fioretti

    Some times it leaks. Otherwise amazing.

  • Rob Marone

    They are fast and easy to order.

  • Robert McKenna

    Few days ago quit a smoking. To balance my self and not to drive me mad, I use this product frequently. Hope soon it will allow me to quite 100%.

  • Michael Ebert

    Satisfying smooth and relaxing.

  • Brandon Awad

    Flavors are excellent with fruity blends.

  • Kelly

    amazing amount of puffs. Didn’t count, but really works.

  • Christian

    Great taste and flavour, nice little stick.

  • melanie538

    It's awesome so far, been using this for a couple weeks in place of cigarettes. Doing well, relives some pressure off while quitting.

  • Max White


  • John Tabeek

    This one really grew on me, I love all the tobacco flavors.

  • Allen Savoy

    Great taste fast shipping.

  • Kareem Finnegan

    It is great starter kit. If you like you can order it with rechargeable battery - Just kidding.

  • Lauren Klotz

    Perfect for the girls also.

  • Dylan yanchek

    Not like other e cigarette, this actually works, It taste really good. I think they are perfect for anyone trying to quit smoking, and those who just want to replace the habit of smoking with a better alternative.

  • marcelo_perla362

    There are all the machinery hidden inside. No need to worry, just draw and enjoy. Very easy to use, highly simple product.I don’t know why, but I have purchased this 10 times. Now planning to use rechargeable.

  • Campbell

    Really amazing. would buy 10 now for my frnds.

  • boyd998

    Disposable e-cigarette is amazing product from Flair. They have very good design and color with amazing taste. Really love them.

  • Arthur

    Taste great, Nice tobacco smell. Amazing design

  • Fountain

    Strawberry with mint? Good combination and handy device. Hope it will work for longer time.

  • Savior Butikis

    Not bad at all. Really works well.

  • James Jackson

    Is this pod refillable? Which liquid should fill?

  • yadhira_quiroz597

    amazing product, fast delivery 🙃👌👌

  • noah_fernandez268

    The only store I got my vaping done. Site is easy to navigate, order process is smooth. Nice and secure packaging. Time delivery. Happy with overall experience.

  • Karyn Leddy

    Small and handy. You can go with it anywhere. Better to use chargeable to save money. But this is worth try. Really love It

  • Jayden Kraemer

    I have now totally replaced my tobacco cigarettes, within weeks with these e-cigs. I know how hard it is to quit

  • Jacqueline martirano

    Better than real cigarette. Fantastic product

  • Kaitlyn Keller-Bogan

    Love the flavour, but liquid is not enough. Can you make it bigger?

  • Clydejah Williams

    Also good for disabled person. Just put in mouth. No need to start any button. No need to charge or refill.