WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Flair envy is puff bar style disposable device available in various fruity and refreshing flavours. It is ultra portable and light weight elegant design. You don’t need to charge or refill as it is disposable device. Enjoy variety of taste, switch them immediately and discard when finished.

What’s Included

1 Stick of Flair envy Disposable Device (Watermelon Mint)


4.7 83 Reviews
  • Rocco Noon

    Simple and clean vaping.

  • Shane Keegan

    Each device worked like 30-40 cigs. It saves lots. No more mess.

  • ana_buchtmann729

    Flair bought really innovative product.

  • Joe mzere

    This highly concentrated salt based nicotine that provides better and quick absorption.

  • Anthony Cummings

    How can I refill or recharge🙃👍👌

  • john

    Better than real cigarette. Nice watermelon mint flavor

  • Diana

    It is really faster than any other cigarette. It give very quick refreshment.

  • yovanka.138.linke

    Good taste, High quality product

  • Victor Celeste

    Love this Item, Amazing watermelon mint flavor combination.

  • Kristina Geist

    It was awesome taste

  • Jessica Stopper

    It is sweet and cool. Just right proportion😋😋

  • Ali_aergstrom26

    Excellent and powerful.

  • Niko

    🤩🤩💖😘😘 Simple and instant

  • spencer_adili989

    There is no electronics in it. Really good product. Nothing burns at all.

  • Wally

    No maintenance, just fun.😋😋

  • Jaime Cohen

    Sweetmango is my preference, but watermelon mint is also good.

  • Griffiths

    I don’t know how much liquid and battery are inside. But no worries. Just draw and throw it when finish.

  • Justin DuBois

    It came good condition and works perfect .

  • keith_mazik380

    Easy vaping for my 70 years old dad. He doesn’t like much accessories and always forget charging.

  • Danny Foster

    Much better than mango

  • John t

    Something new to try. Really worked

  • Victor

    Really cool in summer. Nice evening refreshment flavor.

  • Evan Burke

    Very good flavor. Great combination of watermelon mint taste with right amount of nicotine.

  • Christian Szkola

    It is good, but no details description available.

  • Victor Kievit

    They hit so nice you won't have to keep hitting it for you nicotine crave, the 400 puffs stretch for me for a while u was suprised because I was a a huge vaper

  • keri MULTANI

    I love fruity flavours in vaping. My favourite are banana, strawberry, grape and pineapple. I wonder that how a small device can provide around 400 puffs? Super technology.

  • Stephanie Hagan

    Good color. Nice design.

  • andy Allen

    Too strong.

  • michael_allen355

    OMG, varieties of flavors really amazed me. Will order 5-6 atleast. Today I will take Banana

  • McCarthy

    Refreshing without burning.