WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Flair envy is puff bar style disposable device available in various fruity and refreshing flavours. It is ultra portable and light weight elegant design. You don’t need to charge or refill as it is disposable device. Enjoy variety of taste, switch them immediately and discard when finished.

What’s Included

1 Stick of Flair envy Disposable Device (Sweet Mango)


4.7 84 Reviews
  • Erik Smith

    They hit so nice you won't have to keep hitting it for you nicotine crave, the 400 puffs stretch for me for a while u was suprised because I was a a huge vaper

  • Pfeifer

    Also good for disabled person. Just put in mouth. No need to start any button. No need to charge or refill.

  • slawomir.566.strzepek

    Really like sweetness of mango flavor.

  • Amanda James

    Nice flavour in salt nic.

  • aaron_paoletti405

    🙃 No maintenance, just fun.

  • Kyle Barry

    Flair bought really innovative product.

  • JOHN Nialys

    This is convenient and pocket friendly 

  • Cesar Gilbert

    Can’t find similar in other brand. Smooth and sweet.

  • REWIND56

    sweet or sour- mango is my fav. excellent taste and all time refreshing. doesn’t need any electronics to smoke.

  • Matthew

    Sure one of the best disposables and best flavor on the market

  • Catherine Tatta

    Very good flavor. Great combination of mango taste with right amount of nicotine.

  • wally809

    Just put it on your mouth and inhale. It will deliver good amount of vape and pure satisfaction. The particular mango flavor is good.

  • Anita Daniels

    Sure to try strawberry and blueberry flavours.

  • gabby Rauf

    These are a great cheaper alternative to the puff bars and I think they last longer because I've tried both. There are lots of flavors to try.

  • Kelly

    Love this product.

  • Brian Balton

    Flair this flavour will make loyal customer. I will sure buy again and again. Very good product.

  • Daniel Wheeler

    Mango salt pen is my favourite.

  • Jeffrey Maldonado

    Gona try this one. mango looks tasty.🤷‍😮

  • Craig Salguero

    Nice product, great pricing, Amazing mango flavor

  • Omar Henrie

    I don’t know how much liquid and battery are inside. But no worries. Just draw and throw it when finish.

  • Marc Haney

    It is really faster than any other cigarette. It give very quick refreshment.

  • Patrick Burt

    I was really afraid to try such product, but now i feel comfortable in it. This is great invention.

  • Steven Vitale

    This product is helping me to cutdown my nicotine intake. I am doing slow and steady progress. Very good.

  • George Marston

    Super sexy body and color. Just taste like my fantasy.

  • Arian Demuro

    🙃 Greater taste, Good product.

  • Aidan Drake

    Value of money. All inside single package. Battery, coil, pod, liquid.

  • Matthew Kearney

    Reasonable price for no mess. Just use and forget.

  • darlene_miller585

    Until I bought and tasted it, I was wondering why people love mango flavour? But now I understand. It is unique and give total pleasure. Thanks to flair for such a good product.

  • Josh Christiansen

    OMG, varieties of flavors really amazed me. Will order 5-6 atleast. Today I will take Banana

  • stephanie_hagan240

    🤩🤩💖😘😘 Love this Item, Amazing mango flavor combination.