• vuse alto flavor pack 1.8 rich tobacco Pods

Vuse Alto Flavor pack 1.8% Rich Tobacco 2 pods



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A product of the future, the VUSE Alto is not only sleek with a stunning ergonomic design, but fully functional, discrete and satisfying. Made for
more, the VUSE Alto ranges of pods, cartridges and e-cigs offers consumers some of the most potent hits in the industry with flavor-
filled pods and a satisfying experience unlike any other. Whatever your sense of style and needs are, there is a VUSE Alto for
you. The VUSE Alto pods is made to match your inspiration with any of its three distinct flavors.


  • Pack of 2
  • For use with the Vuse Alto
  • Available in 18mg (1.8% nicotine), 24mg (2.4% nicotine), and 50mg (5% nicotine) strengths
  • 1.8ml pods

What’s Included

    • 2 x Vuse Alto Pods Rich Tobacco Flavor

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4.7 71 Reviews
  • Zachary Larnerd

    Great item, very good value, simple to utilize, smooth, generally the best I’ve utilized and don’t have any plans to change!

  • Telx Burfeind

    Best place to order and get it faster

  • Tyler Scelza

    No mess, just pure taste.👍👍😋😮

  • robert_loftus129

    Nice and smooth tobacco taste

  • Ryan Miller

    I am satisfied with thing. How ever discovered a few challenges in rebate coupon, however customer care guided me. Expectation I will get more items at such great price.

  • Lisa elhard

    Generally excellent little pack of satisfaction. Yet, mint is best flavor

  • Brian Belfer

    This is my new sensation after certain flavors are unavailable.

  • rocco.132.noon

    Purchasing since about half year. Experience is acceptable.

  • Monique Gamboa

    Love these Tobacco pods, I changed from juul pods to these on the grounds that you get more for less.

  • harris664

    Please never run out of stock. I really need this flavor.

  • Benjmen Crump

    Love these. I was consistently a menthol cig smoker. At that point the prohibition on flavor tobacco in my state…This is quit good for now.

  • Karina Linhart

    Extraordinary value, incredible worth, truly worth.

  • Liam Herndon

    Alto rich tobacco Pods convey the perfect measure of cool tobacco flavor through my taste buds to my lungs. I have attempted different items and none of them have even nearby what I’ve been searching for.

  • Corey Hall

    Buying since last 6 months. Experience is good.

  • Nadia Portaleos

    😋😘😮🤩🤩 Flavor is acceptable and was on an amazing discounted cost

  • Russell Figon

    Generally excellent flavor and they are unquestionably improved from the first units that they caused which would to consume the pods

  • Desiree Minter

    It’s the best option since the flavors have been restricted. Continuously love the pod.

  • Felipe Lawler

    If it’s not too much trouble never run unavailable. I truly need this flavor.

  • Whatton

    You can make the most of your days off with these items. They provides loads of coupons for discount. I am continually hanging tight for discount.

  • Conner Colon

    The Texas town I live in isn’t selling the Alto Pods any longer so having the option to arrange from this site was simple and advantageous.

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