How much does Vaping cost per day?

vaping cost

If you are planning to transition from smoking to vaping to bask in the comparative wellness benefits, then you are not the only one. Before the advent of vape pens, smoking weed brought along its own share of inconveniences as you had to pick through stems, learn to use a grinder, roll your joints manually and properly clean your bong every now and then. The traditional method was highly messy and required a lot of clean-ups. This created a requirement for state-of-art vaping devices for on-the-go smokers. However, you can vape in different styles with some being subsequently more expensive than others. This is bound to cause confusion among newcomers who might feel lost about how much it costs to vape. Today we will go through the cost aspect so that you can set a proper vaping budget.

How much does it cost to vape?

A disposable e-cigarette

Today we will take the example of the Flair Ultra Disposable device to compute the vaping cost. The market price of this disposable device is $14.99 and they last 2500 puffs. Since 140 puffs are considered normal in a day, your daily cost amounts to $0.84. Since these devices come with a 1000 mAh battery and pre-filled liquid, you don’t have to incur any additional vaping costs. With the MYLÉ Mini Disposable, you get 320 puffs per pod and 2 pods for $15.99. Thus, your daily vaping cost comes to $3.5. Last but not least comes the drag-activated Rev Synthetic Nicotine Disposable Device which costs $19.99 and offers up to 1800 puffs. Your daily vaping cost in this case will be $1.55.

A refillable e-cigarette

Flair e-cig refills come in a pack of 3 offering up to 1200 puffs per pack. You can get the whole pack at a price of just $7.99. But for using the refills, you will have to purchase a pod kit like the Flair Infinity Basic Kit which is again priced at $7.99. For using the e-cig you will simply have to attach your favorite pod. Since these devices feature a rechargeable battery and an additional USB charger, you don’t have to worry about battery costs adding to your vaping expense. The daily vaping cost of using a refillable e-cigarette comes to $2.07 (assuming the pod kit lasts for an entire year). Hence you can understand that the approx. daily vaping cost of using a refillable cigarette is higher than that of a disposable e-cigarette.

Rechargeable Disposable

Some device like Flair Edge can provide upto 4000 puffs with simple and small device. It is possible because inbuilt battery is small, but you can recharge it whenever needed. How ever you can’t fill e-liquid as it is prefilled with 10ml vape liquit. The product is priced at $17.99. You will get more puff per $$ you spends. We have also high capacity disposable device which can provide upto 5000 puff with charging. Flair Draco is such device you can rely on it. It will cost you around $20.


If you want to bring down your vaping costs, then you should take smaller puffs. It is also advisable to train yourself so that you can vape with intention rather than out of boredom. Kits come at discounted prices compared to separate vape pieces and can allow you to vape immediately.

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