How Many Vape Puffs A Day Is Ok?

How many puffs

Do you sometimes wonder how many puffs you should be doing for vapes?
If yes, then the chances are that you’re concerned about your nicotine consumption.
Or are you a smoker looking to quit the sticks for vapes? Or perhaps, you never smoked but just curious and wonder why so much rave about vaping…
Well, whatever makes you question how many vapes is ‘okay’ for a day, this article helps you do the calculation. But before the figures, let’s discuss vaping and cigarette smoking a bit.
Vaping means inhaling electronic smoke, unlike conventional cigarettes. Vapes and e-cigarettes are rechargeables, come in handy, and with rechargeable variants.
Vaping has gained good popularity in recent times. Many prefer vaping to conventional cigarettes for the following reasons:

You regulate your nicotine consumption
Typically, only a few puffs of smoke from the regular cigarette delivers a fair amount of nicotine.
However, the pressure from wanting to meet social standards cause smokers to burn up an entire stick. Many others wish to get all the value for money spent when they grab a smoke. This causes excess chemical intake, which is unhealthy, particularly to your lungs.
Thankfully, with vaping, you’re under no such pressure. Vaping isn’t only less harmful than regular cigarettes; it allows you to inhale at your preferred pace.
You inhale less toxic chemicals
An added advantage is the relatively fewer amount of chemicals contained in it. In a recent review, vaping has far fewer harmful effects than cigarette smoking.
Although both vaping and smoking deliver the toxic nicotine, a cigarette contains many other harmful substances absent in vapes.
For instance, a cigarette contains carbon monoxide, which may cause heart diseases, and tar, a contributor to lung problems. These chemicals do not exist in vapes.
May encourage your quit-smoke

Interestingly, vaping may also help smokers quit sticks.
How many nicotine should I consume a day?
The level of nicotine you want in your e-liquid may determine the kind of vape you opt for. Different types of vapes come in different shapes and sizes, based on a user’s preference. For heavy smokers, there are vape pens and pod systems that deliver their daily consumption needs. Light smokers would usually go for cigalikes.
When considering how much vape is ‘cool’ for your daily consumption, here are certain factors to note:
Buying an e-liquid should be influenced by your desired nicotine level.
So, your first question might be, what level of nicotine should I consume?
For every milliliter of e-liquid is a varying nicotine level ranging from 0%, 0-3%, 3-5% to over 5.0% 0% means ‘no nicotine’ and is best for light nicotine users or first- timers.
0-3% is most common in commercial e-liquids and also ideal for light nicotine consumers.

The 3-5% options are designed for heavy smokers trying to reduce their current intake.
5% and above are for very strong smokers. IF you fall into this category of heavy smokers, perhaps you burn a pack daily, this may be a necessary start point before subsequent reductions.

Summarily, the choice of nicotine level should be dependent on the smoker’s status – heavy, mid, or light. If you are trying to quit, this may mean working your way gradually – from heavy to light, until a final quit.
Remember nicotine is an addictive substance, so it takes a gradual reduction over time to quit.
A sudden quit, also called “cold turkey,” may be unsustainable, as your body quickly notices the sudden change and raises a demand.
The amount of nicotine in cigarettes is not universal. However, it is believed to be around 14mg, averagely.
Unlike tobacco cigarettes, it’s possible to get a higher or lower amount of e-liquid concentration depending on what percentage of nicotine you opt for.

Calculating The Level of Nicotine Per Puff
For a vape, the amount of nicotine intake per puff is dependent on:
(i) The amount of nicotine in e-liquid
(ii) The length of your drags
A person who takes a 3-second drag of 2.5% nicotine is likely to take a higher amount of nicotine than someone who takes the same 3-second drag of a 0.5% nicotine concentrate.
Simple logic says someone who takes a 3-second drag at 3.0% nicotine is likely to take a higher amount of nicotine than someone who takes a 1-second drag of the same nicotine quantity.
To get an idea of how much nicotine you are ingesting; divide the total number of puffs in the juice pack by the total amount of nicotine. i.e., total number of puffs/total amount of nicotine.
For example, if your e-liquid is 2.0%, this would mean for every 1mL of e-liquid, the amount of nicotine present is 20mg.
The number of puffs you are likely to get from your vape pen is usually stated on the packaging.
Let us assume a total of 300 puffs for 1mL of e-liquid. Therefore, the amount of nicotine in each puff is 20/300, which is 0.067mg per puff.

Note that this method shouldn’t be considered exact as it isn’t a proven scientific method of calculating nicotine level. Also, it does not factor in the time-length of your drags.
What Number of Puffs Is Considered Normal Per Day?
This can be tricky to answer. Factors such as your way of life and your biological identity are typical determinants.
However, if you aim to stop smoking altogether, while you satisfy your need, work your dosage gradually to reduce the concentration of nicotine intake over time.
What Nicotine Level Is Best For Me?
This is dependent on several factors:
Similar to alcohols, an e-liquid with a higher nicotine level has a harsher taste than one with a low level of nicotine.
For a newbie, an e-liquid with a low nicotine level is cool. However, intense smokers may start with a higher nicotine level.
Throat Hit
“Throat hit” is a phenomenon used to describe the effect of nicotine vapor on the throat. Vapor with a low concentration of nicotine produces a smooth and satisfying feel, while that with a higher concentration can feel harsher on the throat.
A high level of nicotine is okay if you vape sparingly, but if you vape in long sessions, a low nicotine level is best for you.
Smoking Equivalency
You will likely require a particular nicotine level to satisfy your cravings if you have been a smoker.
However, you should reduce your nicotine concentration over time, especially if you are trying to quit smoking.
If you do not smoke or vape, you’ll be healthier if you remain that way. However, if you’re looking to break the sticks for e-cigs, you need to be conscious of your smoking habit and try to monitor your nicotine intake. Hopefully, this guide will help you a great lot.

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